Captain, Ahsan Toqeer (Stats)

  • James Adams (Stats)

  • Samuel Adams (Stats)

  • Austin Alexander (Stats)

  • Jack Bounsall (Stats)

  • Joss Bounsall (Stats)

  • James Kofoed (Stats)

  • Alan McCleave (Stats)

  • Ewen McCleave (Stats)

  • Iden Mccleave (Stats)

  • Tommy Moore (Stats)​

  • Tila Muhammad (Stats)

  • Ethan Phillips (Stats)

  • Firas Raheman (Stats)

  • Mohammed Rahman (Stats)​

  • Zaid Rahman (Stats)

  • Mark Stapley (Stats)

  • Ben Steadman (Stats)

  • Joel Swarna (Stats)

  • Mohammed Toqeer (Stats)​

  • Dylan Wooley (Stats)

  • Kevin Wolley (Stats)

Disclaimer: This cricket club team set up is subject to change for every match based on availability and health. ​For details of the team for individual fixtures please refer to the public listing.

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