Frequently Asked Questions

Are you offering Cricket training during COVID-19?

Yes & No.

We completed our Summer 2020 membership training for the year and our volunteers are taking a well-deserved break.  Our Club is fully volunteer run. Our next steps are dependent on developments with Coronavirus and resulting volunteer availability.  We hope to be able to offer winter training for girls, boys, men and women at the end of this year (2020) or at the beginning of 2021. 

We will issue invitations to pre-existing club members first as that will enable us to understand take up and relevant safety arrangements. Any additional spaces that we may be able to offer will be offered to interested children and adults.

We take these steps in line with government guidelines involving social distancing and maximum numbers in sporting activities.

Please do contact us for any questions you may have. Our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is it necessary for my kids and I to become members?

Memberships help us keep the club going and every member is so very welcome. Coaching sessions are often included for members and you may find that it works out cheaper joining. 


Having said that, No, you do not have to be a member. 

  • Coaching can be paid for at the beginning of each session, £5 per person. 

  • Kit can be provided for try outs 

  • Your child can attend as little or as often as they wish.

Can I become a member any time?

We accept new membership applications in March to start in April 2020 for 12 months thereafter. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic all membership arrangements are currently on hold. 

Our new round of memberships will be made available as soon as possible and practical. 

We offer Playing Memberships for those who wish to train, be coached and play for our competing teams.  We also offer Social memberships at have the price for those who wish to support this Club. Social Members can join in a number of non-playing activities and events with the membership being fully eligible for Gift Aid. 

Do I have to bring my own kit?

Children and adults playing softball do not really need any protective gear. 

For those playing hardball we recommend that you bring your own kit where possible. This is a sport and we all get sweaty...
We will support you for trying out sessions and provide support where we possibly can.

Is it free for kids?

We work hard to obtain grant funding from a variety of sources to help our local community. 

So, on occasion the answer is yes or partly yes. Sign up to our Social Media channels and website to receive updates in a timely manner.

Over the course of 2019 we ran a number of grant funded courses. These were highly sought after and brought joy to so many little people.  We will continue to provide this support for those who previously attended or those new to the Club. Hastings Priory is exclusively run by volunteers but not everything in life is free.  We do have to pay ground rent, hall fees, insurances and more.

We keep our fees as low as we can and will share any financial support that we can obtain to help you get your kids into cricket. 

What is the starter kit we need for hardball?

Playing hardball requires protection when being bowled at, inside the net. Protection does not need to be worn when bowling at a person batting inside the net.


  • A cricket hardball

  • A wooden bat, these can be second hand as long as they are of an appropriate size and weight for the person holding it. 

  • Cricket Pads for the legs. These differ in size for the person wearing them. As pads cannot be washed like other clothing items, we suggest the person wears long trousers, track suit bottoms or leggings underneath. 

  • Cricket helmet, these differ for juniors and adults. They will require regular sponge cleaning on the inside as the player will sweat.

  • Cricket gloves, these differ for juniors and adults.

  • Boys only - Abdominal guard. 


  • Thigh guards protect the remaining gap between the leg pads and the hips. Some players prefer to play with and others without.

All cricket kit can be found at local Hastings based businesses or purchased online from various suppliers. 

Do you provide Group Coaching for Foreign Guest Students?

Yes we do.  

Group Coaching is booked and arranged by our partners at Horntye Sports Complex. Please book here.