100 Club

Image by Colin Watts

How does it work?

Our 100 Club is a form of a private lottery. Small but perfectly formed. 

Our club covers up to 100 subscribers, each of whom buys numbered ticket(s).  These tickets are entered into a monthly draw.

The winner receives a share of the monthly profit with the remainder supporting the running of the Club. We draw winners once every three months.  So every three months you have a fabulous chance of winning a wad of unexpected cash. 

What does it cost?

£2 per month - so a full £24 per year

Where do I pay?

Get in touch via our Social Media or contact us via email at Cricket@HastingsPriory.com.  We will then put you in touch with our volunteers on our Social Team to get you your ticket.

Why do we do it?

Well, for a starter, its a really good reason to get together for a chat, a laugh and a couple of drinks.  Secondly it is a friendly way of fundraising for the club. In the end its all about keeping a good thing going.