Our social memberships

Membership registrations are open all year round. Regardless of your registration date, all memberships expire on 31st March each year. Discounts and refunds for late registrations are not available.

Our Social Memberships are our way of fundraising for the Club while having a bit of fun along the way.  £15 of the membership is eligible for Gift Aid. 

Option 1: Annual Fee = £25 (including use of the Horntye facilities)

Option 2: Annual Fee = £15 (excluding use of the Horntye facilities)

We encourage all our members to support the Club by completing a Gift Aid Declaration.  The Club will claim Gift Aid once a year, enabling us to obtain an additional £3.75 per Social Member per year. These funds help us keep all of our fees as low as possible.

For more information on Gift Aid, got to HMRC: click here

Email us for a Social Membership at Cricket@HastingsPriory.com

Your Gift Aid declarations are treated in line with the Club's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices. 

Please email completed forms to Cricket@HastingsPriory.com or hand them in personally to one of our Club Officials.